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Elevate Your WordPress with Our Cutting-Edge Plugin

Exploring the integration of dark mode in WordPress websites, including plugins and themes, to enhance user experience and aesthetics

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Enhancing UX with Advanced WordPress Dark Mode Features

wordpress dark mode

Auto Save Customization

Enjoy hassle-free customization with Auto Save by Dusky Dark Mode. Your tweaks are automatically saved, ensuring a worry-free experience. Customize with ease and let Auto Save handle the rest.
wordpress dark mode

Frontend Dark Mode

Experience the Frontend Dark Mode, a feature that transforms your website’s appearance as users interact. Ideal for those spending extended periods on your site’s frontend.
wordpress dark mode

Admin Dashboard Dark Mode

Utilize Dusky Dark Mode to enable a consistent dark mode in your admin dashboard. This ensures a unified look and reduces eye strain during admin tasks.
wordpress dark mode

Dynamic, Presets and Custom Colors

Harness the power of Dusky Dark Mode’s smart dynamic algorithm, effortlessly generating dark mode color schemes for your website. Choose from 8+ presets or craft your unique color scheme.
wordpress dark mode

38+ Awesome Toggle Button Styles

Dusky Dark Mode offers a variety of toggle button styles, with 14+ options for seamless switching between light and dark mode. Customize these buttons to match your site’s design for a unique user experience.
wordpress dark mode

Customizable Toggle Placement

Dive into Dusky Dark Mode’s varied toggle options, effortlessly transitioning between light and dark modes. Elevate accessibility and user experience, seamlessly blending options with your site’s design.
wordpress dark mode

Live Dark Mode Editing

Explore the Live Edit Widget in the Dark Mode plugin, enabling real-time customization of your dark mode theme. Save valuable time with instant adjustments to colors, toggle buttons, typography, and more.
wordpress dark mode

Dark Mode Usage Analytics

Track user engagement with detailed usage analytics from Dusky Dark Mode. Monitor dark mode usage, enable/disable frequencies, and gain valuable insights into user preferences.
wordpress dark mode

Adjustable Colors Style

Fine-tune your dark mode experience with advanced color adjustments, including brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale options. Perfect for users with visual impairments or those seeking a specific aesthetic.
wordpress dark mode

Auto Match OS Theme

Automatic detection of a user’s device OS theme ensures seamless integration with their device’s dark mode setting. Enjoy a consistent dark mode experience based on individual preferences.
wordpress dark mode

Floating Toggle Button

Discover the convenience of a floating dark mode toggle button with 38+ attractive styles. Easily switch between light and dark modes regardless of your location on the website.
wordpress dark mode

Image & Video Replacements

Tailor your dark mode experience by replacing images and videos that may not look optimal. Dusky Dark Mode allows you to substitute light-mode media with dark mode alternatives.
wordpress dark mode

Gutenberg & Classic Editor Compatibility Everywhere

Compatible with both classic and block editors, Dusky Dark Mode enhances the editing experience in WordPress. Ideal for users who spend significant time creating and editing content.
wordpress dark mode

Custom CSS Styling

Inject your personal touch with Custom CSS in Dusky Dark Mode. Customize the appearance of your website when in dark mode to align with your unique style.

Discover Every Single Feature in Dusky Dark Mode


Toggle Button Shortcode

Seamlessly incorporate a dark mode toggle button anywhere on your website using the [dusky_toggle] shortcode.


Default Dark Mode Setting

Establish Dusky Dark Mode as your website's default theme, ensuring first-time visitors experience the site in a captivating dark mode.


Performance Enhancement

Activate Performance Mode to optimize website loading speed by deferring script loading, thereby reducing initial page load times.


Dashboard Customization for Specific Users

Empower administrators, editors, and authors to use the dark mode color scheme on their admin dashboards.


Customizable Toggle Button

Tailor the dark mode toggle button size to your preference - choose from small, normal, large, or customize its width and height.


Flexible Toggle Button Positioning

Place the dark mode toggle button on the left, right, or in a specific location on the site for easy access.


Dark Mode Typography

Personalize the font family and size when dark mode is enabled to significantly enhance readability and legibility.


Include Elements, Page, Posts

Opt for dark mode on specific elements, pages, or posts by including them for a more tailored and immersive experience.


Excludes any Specific Elements

Specify elements, pages, or posts to exclude from dark mode for easy customization, preventing specific content from switching to dark mode.


Custom CSS Support

Inject your custom CSS code to personalize the appearance of the website in both light and dark modes.


Wide Page Builder Compatibility

Experience compatibility with popular page builders like Classic Editor, Guttenberg, Elementor, and more, providing flexibility for users.


Export, Import, Reset Settings

Effortlessly manage settings with the option to export, import, or reset configurations for optimal performance.


Time-Based Dark Mode

Schedule dark mode activation based on the time of day.


URL Parameter Control

Enable/disable dark mode by adding the darkmode and lightmode parameters to the website URL.


Draggable Floating Switch

Allow users to effortlessly drag the floating dark mode toggle button to their desired position on the screen.


Keyboard Shortcut Convenience

Seamlessly switch between light and dark mode using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + D).


Gutenberg Dark Mode Toggle Switch Block

Embed a dark mode switch directly within the Gutenberg editor for easy reader access.


Elementor Dark Mode Toggle Block

Effortlessly add a dark mode toggle to your Elementor designs.

Unlock the Brilliance of Our Dark Mode plugin.

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Unlock the Brilliance of Our Dark Mode plugin.

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