8 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins In 2024

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Are You Looking For The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins For Your Business? These Best WordPress Plugins Can Fuel Your Site To The Next Level And Help You Gain More Traffic On Your Website. Those Plugins Feature Various Advantages WordPress Can Help In Your Services And Online Solutions In The Workplace More Accessible.

These 8 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins Will Help You Obtain More Conversion And Website More Readable. To Conclude, Dark Home Screen Can Aid In Boosting Website Workflow, And In Doing So, They Can Also Improve The Security Of Sites, And Make The Ordinary Excellent. Therefore WordPress Plugins Can Boost Your Homepage Performance Into Another Level And Decorating Styles. You Might Need A Website to Improve Greatly, Lastly, Plugins, Almost Always, Optimize WordPress Sites.

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Benefits Of Dark Mode

Benefits of Dark Mode

In Today’s Modern World, Dark Mode Has Become More Than Just A Visual Appearance—it Means A Balance Of Functionality, Simplicity, And User-friendly Design. Using Dark Home Screen Can Provide Some Notable Health Benefits, Especially When It Comes To Reducing Eye Strain And Promoting Better Mood. Dark Mode Can Contribute Significantly To An Overall Boost In Productivity. Over The Years, Dark Mode Has Been A Significant Trend Toward Giant Tech Companies Like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, And X, Which Are Implementing Dark Mode Options And Building A Major Trend In The Design Industry In General.

Globally, People Average Screen On Time 6 Hours And 58 Minutes, And It Increasing Day By Day Here Dark Mode Becomes Handy By Reducing High Blue Light Devices Emit Causes Eye Strain, Dark Mode Helps Prevent Or Mitigate Issues Like Headaches, Blurred Vision, And Dry Eye Syndrome From Intense Screen Usage. Dark Mode Promotes Better Overall Eye Health And Comfort, Especially For Those Who Use Devices For a Long Time for Work Or Entertainment. Dark Mode’s Most Significant Health Benefit Can Promote Better Sleep Patterns.

Why Is Dark Mode Plugin Important?

Dark Mode Is A Cutting-Edge Modern Process That Can Help You Keep Your Eyes Healthy. Smartphones And Other Digital Devices Have Built-In Dark Mode. Dark Mode Plugin Also Has So Many Helpful Advantages. It Helps users with an Eye-Pleasing Experience That Will Help them Focus on Work Properly And Save Device Battery Performance. So Many People Can Save Battery Over Time. Dark Home Screen Also Decreases The High Level Of Blue Light Emitted From Our Devices.

Here Are 8 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins That Can Provide A Great Eye-Pleasing Experience On Your WordPress Website.

1. Dusky Dark Mode

Dusky Dark Mode, Dark Mode Plugins⭐Product Overall Rating 5.0/5.0

Dusky Dark Mode Plugin Is Innovative And A Game-Changer. Here Comes Our Plugin That Has The Best Features And Looks Cool For You To Have A Smooth Time Surfing On Your Website All With A Dark Background. It’s Indeed Not Just Any Plugin But A 21st-Century Digital Way Of Solving 21st-Century Modern Problems.

A Mind-Boggling Advancement Of Website Viewing. Customize Your Surf And Go Into The Dark Path Using An Automatically Generated Plugin. Dusky Dark Mood Is Not A Plugin; It’s A 21st-Century Digital Answer To The 21st-Century Modern Solution. This New Feature Will Take Your Viewing Of The Website To A Whole Supreme Level. Customize Your Surf And Join The Dark Side Digitally, All With An Auto-Generated Plugin.

⚓ Key Features

✅ Dark Mode Editing Real-Time
✅ Can Match Any Os You Run On Your System
✅ Smooth Floating Toggle Button
✅ Custom CSS styling With Full Customization
✅ Background Image & Color Change
✅ Custom 15+ Color Preset & Presets
✅ Access 50+ Pre-Designed Toggle Switch Styles
✅ Custom Toggle Button Position Anywhere You Want
✅ Light And Dark Mode Custom CSS Options Are Available
✅ Toggle Switch Attention Effect Is There
✅ Elementor Dark Mode Toggle


Pro Features

✅ Full Customization With Custom CSS Styling
✅ Background Image And Color Change
✅ Custom 15+ Color Preset & Presets
✅ Access To The 50+ Pre-Designed Toggle Switch Styles
✅ Custom Toggle Button Position
✅ Custom CSS in Light And Dark Mode
✅ Custom CSS to Toggle Switch Attention Effect

💵 Pricing

For Annual Subscription
$10.49 For 1 Site
$34.99 For 5 Sites
$62.99 For 10 Sites

For A Lifetime Subscription
$52.47 For 1 Sites
$174.97 For 5 Sites
$314.97 For 10 Sites

2. Wp Dark Mode

Wp Dark Mode, Dark Mode Plugins

Having Wp Dark Mode Is A Unique And Light Dark Background Browsing Experience. It Enhances Readability, Color Scheme, And Low Brightness And Strain. Dark Mode Plugin Can Deliver The Ease To Read In The New Appearance Of Dark Mode. This Plugin Supports Many Features And Specific Classification In Design.

Make Your Website More User-friendly and Your Audience Will Interact With Your Website, So It Can Increase Engagement And Low Bounce Rate Of Your Website. Let’s Dive Into The World Of WP Dark Mode And Discover the Website Experience To Another Level.

Check This Video For Allowing Dark Mode On Your WordPress Site.

⚓ Key Features

✅Image Support Based On Dark Mode
✅Woocommerce Integration
✅CSS Customization Available
✅Eliminator And Gutenberg Support
✅W-I-D-E Compatibility
✅Ability To Apply Different Themes Depending On The OS Setting
✅Important Page Builder Compatibility

Pro Features

✅Supports Custom Images In Dark Or Light Mode For Each Of Them
✅Likes Almost All WordPress Themes And Builders
✅10+ Specific Color Schemes For Dark Mode
✅Supports Custom Images In Dark Or Light Mode


For Annual Subscription
$49.00 For 1 Site
$66.75 For 5 Sites

For A Lifetime Subscription
$174.30 $249 For 50 Sites.
$226.85 $349 For 1000 Sites.

3. Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode, Dark Mode Plugins

Droit Dark Mode A Visually Attractive Website To Want Your Website Visitors To Spend Even More Time. Light Dark Background Design Makes People Satisfied, More Interaction, And Enhances Readability. Comfortable Eyes, But Above Comfort, Leads To A Gesture Satisfaction Engagement.

Light To Light Dark Background Is An Upgrade That Makes You Save Time And Your Eye For A Good Time. And Sure That Nothing Is Done To Your Users’ Eyes. User Ease Of Use Causes More Engagement, More Significant Pleasure Of A Revival Of The Era Do This To Be More Readable. This Plugin Is Useful For User End For More Attachable On The Content You Provide On Your Website.

Check This Video To Achieve Dark Mode On Your WordPress Site.

⚓ Key Features

✅Admin Dashboard Dark Mode
✅Front End Dark Mode
✅Time-Based Dark Mode
✅Ready Made Color Presets
✅Full Woocommerce Support
✅Popular Page Builder Support
✅Versatile Compatibility

Pro Features

✅10+ Default Color Palette
✅Set Custom Color For Dark Website
✅Updates For 1 Year
✅Lifetime Usage For 1 Domain
✅1 Year Free Support


For Annual Subscription
$35 For 1 Site
$59 For 10 Sites
$99 For Unlimited Sites

For A Lifetime Subscription
$59 For 1 Sites.
$99 For 10 Sites.
$149 For Unlimited Sites

4. Dracula Dark Mode

Dracula Dark Mode, Dark Mode Plugins

Dracula Dark Mode Mode Easily Turns Your WordPress Site Into A Fabulous Dark Mode, With Its Advance Artificial Integrated Properly To Fit Your Web Design—the Best Way To Transform Into Simple And Elegant Dark Mode. Dark Mode Usage Is Now Prominent Across The Web, Although Many People Believe It Is Just Dark With Light Dark Background.

Dark Mode Plugin Has Exploded In Popularity, But Many Still See It As Just A Color Swap. It’s Time To Change That Perception. Modern Dark Mode Plugins, Especially Those Like Dracula Dark Mode, Elevate Your Entire Website Or Application Experience. Instant Adjustments Streamline Your Design Process. Page-Specific Color Tweaks Prove Dark Mode Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All. It Can Also Solve Modern Problems In Very Efficient Ways Like “Dark Mode On Eye Strain Gone”

Check This Video To Enable Dark Mode On Your WordPress Site.

⚓ Key Features

✅Frontend Dark Mode
✅Admin Dashboard Dark Mode
✅Auto Match Os Theme
✅Floating Dark Mode Toggle Button
✅Gutenberg & Classic Editor Compatibility
✅Toggle Button Size Customization
✅Toggle Button Position Customization

Pro Features

✅Custom Toggle Button Builder
✅14+ Toggle Button Styles
✅Reading Mode
✅Image & Video Replacement
✅Performance Mode
✅Dark Mode-Based Typography


For Annual Subscription
$29.00 For 1 Site

5. Darklup


Darklup – The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugin Has Numerous Essential Features For Optimizing Dark Mode For WordPress Website Owners. Enable A Visually Stunning Dark Interface Without Facing Any Hassle With The Help Of Darklup’s Flexible And User-Friendly Functions
This Essential Dark Mode Plugin Has Been Built Based On Advanced And Smart Artificial Algorithms. It Can Recognize The Website Structure And Apply Dark Mode Smartly Without Causing Issues In the Website Layout.

Add A Beautiful Dark Mode To Your WordPress Website Easily With Darklup Dark Mode Plugin. The Best Plugin Enables Your Current WordPress Theme By Increasing Its Performance And Creating A Better User Experience For Your Visitors.
Complements Your Existing Theme, Enhancing Its Functionality And Giving Your Visitors A Visually Pleasing Experience.

Check This Video For Enabling Dark Mode On Your WordPress Site.

⚓ Key Features

✅Os-Based Dark Mode
✅Ready Dark Color Scheme
✅15+ Floating Switches
✅Time-Based Dark Mode
✅Draggable Floating Switch
✅Backend Dark Mode
✅Frontend Dark Mode
✅Elementor Dark Mode Toggle

Pro Features

✅Define Custom Color
✅Short Code Integration
✅Woocommerce Integrated Mode
✅10+ Unique Color Presets
✅10+ Unique Switch Styles
✅Custom CSS Support


For Annual Subscription
$19.00 For 1 Site
$29.00 For 10 Site
$69 For 1000 Sites

For A Lifetime Subscription
$29 For 3 Sites.
$69 For 100 Sites.
$99 For 1000 Sites.

6. Dark Mode Toggle

Dark Mode Toggle, Dark Mode Plugins

Dark Mode Toggle Is A Perfect WordPress Plugin To Quickly Add A Night / Dark Mode Toggle Switch Button On Your WordPress Site. The Toggle Button Allows The User To Click The Switch Between Dark Or Light Scheme. It Is One Of The Best Light-mode or Dark-Mode WordPress Plugins, Which Is Ready To Use And Yes, Out Of The Box.

It Is Compatible With All WordPress Themes And You Will Get Many Options Options For Customizing The Position, Width, Height, and Border-Radius. Moreover, The Plugin Is Very Lightweight And Leaves Almost Zero Footprints. If You Want To Skip Dark Mode For Certain Elements On Your Website, You Can Configure That Too. It Is Easy To Use And Fast. Helps In Improving User Experience.

Check This Video For Empower Dark Mode On Your WordPress Site.

⚓ Key Features

✅Dark Mode Toggle Button
✅Toggle Button Position Settings
✅Switch To Light Or Dark Mode
✅Dark Mode Basic Options
✅Save User’s Choice

Pro Features

✅Dark Mode On Post Editor
✅Upload Custom Button Image
✅Different Label On Dark Mode
✅Toggle Button Font Size
✅Custom Toggle Button Colors
✅Toggle With Any Custom Button
✅Dark Mode To WordPress Admin
✅Toggle Post Editor Dark Theme
✅Auto Match Os Theme


For Annual Subscription
$29.00 For 1 Site.

7. Darkmysite

Dark Mode Toggle, Dark Mode Plugins

Darkmysite, A Lightweight And Powerful Dark Mode Plugin, Uses Advanced Technology To Apply Dark Mode Flawlessly. The Plugins Create And Apply An Advanced Dark Mode Transition Effect To The Structure Of Your Website To Enable The Facade Of Its Design Instead, However Within Reason: Only Large Areas Are Going To Be Darkened Enabling Users Still To Read Text Even In The Black-On-White Background Whether It’s The Stylish Appearance Of Dark Mode Or The Need To Reduce Eye Strain, Darkmysite Is A No-Brainer.

When Enabling Dark Mode, The Powerful Transformation It Has Turned Your WordPress Site Into A Visual Surprise With This Smart Dark Mode Plugin. This Sophisticated Plugin Will Seamlessly Assimilate Your Existing Design. Take The Strain Off Your Eyes And Ensure That Visitors Feel Comfortable With Darkmysite. This WordPress Plugin Has One Of The Most Desired Dark Mode Experiences On Darkmysite’s Advanced Technology You Can’t Find Anywhere Else.

Check This Video To Allow Dark Mode On Your WordPress Site.

⚓ Key Features

✅Ai-Powered Dark Mode
✅Advanced Switch Customization
✅Advanced Element Control
✅Page Builder Compatibility
✅Frontend Dark Mode
✅Admin Panel Dark Mode
✅Os Aware Dark Mode
✅Color Presets With Customization

Pro Features

✅All Floating Switch
✅All Color Preset
✅All Features Included
✅1-Year Priority Support


For Annual Subscription
$15 For 2 Site
$29 For 10 Sites
$49 For 100 Sites

For A Lifetime Subscription
$25 For 2 Sites.
$49 For 10 Sites.
$69 For 100 Sites.

8. Darklooks

Darklooks, Dark Mode Plugins

Darklooks Delivers Your WordPress Into One Eye Acceptable Seamlessly It Not Only Preserves The Design Of Your Site By Blending Smoothly With Your User Interface Style But Also Offers An Intuitive And Elegant Meaning To Your Dark Mode. Even If You Choose A Design That Already Has Its Dimensions For Dark Mode, You Can Add Dark Mode Features To Your Website. Fit Your Existing Design, At The Same Time, Website Accessibility Is Improved.

Transform Your Website With The Sleek Look Of Dark Mode, Offering Visitors A Visually Stunning Experience Without Compromising Eye Health. Darklooks Lets You Create A Comfortable, Reduced-Light Theme That Minimizes Eye Strain And Promotes A More Enjoyable Browsing Experience.

⚓ Key Features

✅Floating Switch Button
✅Floating Switch Position Change Option ( Top, Bottom, Left, Right )
✅5 Switch Styles
✅All Kinds Of Os Supported
✅Default Mode
✅2 Types Of Dark Mode Method
✅9 Preset Color
✅Translation Ready
✅Free Updates
✅Error-Free Code
✅Well Documented

Pro Features

✅Custom Set Color Option
✅Dark Mode Logo Set Option
✅Dark Mode Image Set Option
✅Dark Mode Image Brightness Set Option
✅Dark Mode Body Font Size Set Option
✅Dark Mode Time Schedule Set Option
✅Remember Last Time Mode
✅Custom CSS Add Option
✅Compatibility With WooCommerce


The Core Plugin Is Free To Download And Use, But There Are Also A Pro Version With Lots Of Premium Features


Dark Mode Make Users A Better Experience on the Website And Make The Website Look Nicer Made More Readable. These Plugins For WordPress Make Sure Your Site Runs Faster and Smoothly And with Great Performance. Its Appeal Is Modern But That Is Not All. It Involves Reduced Eye Strain And Increase Site Readability. Site Owners Will Adopt Dark Mode When Using Such Plugins. It Will Provide Them A Step Ahead While Providing Them With A More Pleasant Setting. These Plugins Reflects A Higher Level Of Interaction, Registered Users, And Robust Results. So, Proceed With Us! Head To Our Mentioning Plugins Specifically Dusky Dark Mode Your WordPress Website Experience Going To Another Level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Add Dark Mode To Your WordPress Website?

Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard Put Your Cursor On The Plugin Click Add New Search For Dusky Dark Mode Install And Activate The Plugin.

Is Dark Mode Better For Your Eyes?

Yes. Dark Mode Can Be Good For The Eyes As It Helps To Eye Health Which Helps To Better Sleep. Reduces Eye Strain and Keeps Our Brain Functional Properly.

Why Is Dark Mode Such A Big Deal?

Dark Mode Solved Modern Problems In A Modern Way. Dark Mode Offers A More Comfortable And Efficient Viewing Experience, Especially During Extended Periods Of Device Usage.

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