Easily manage your Dropbox files from the WordPress dashboard by using the Integrate Dropbox Plugin!

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Effortless Integration

Integrates Dropbox functionality into the WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Easy to Use Features

The Integrate Dropbox plugin features a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity and ease of navigation.

Flexible Customization

Tailor the integration to suit your specific requirements with customizable settings and options, ensuring it aligns.

Awesome Integration Features

Discover how our standout features effortlessly enhance your experience of integrating and managing your Dropbox account within WordPress.

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File Browser

Explore Dropbox's wide range of files and folders effortlessly using our user-friendly File Browser feature. With just a few clicks, locate and access specific documents, images, and media files, saving valuable time and enhancing your productivity.
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DropBox File Uploader Image

File Uploader

Simplify uploading files to Dropbox folders with our File Uploader tool. Whether it's documents, photos, or videos, easily transfer your files to designated locations, ensuring smooth data management without any technical hassle.
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DropBox Media Player Image

Media Player

Experience top-notch multimedia with our advanced Media Player. Dive into high-quality audio and video playback straight from your Dropbox account. Enjoy seamless browsing and immersive viewing and listening.
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Search Box

Speed up your file search within Dropbox using our advanced Search Box functionality. Simply type in keywords or file names to quickly locate the desired content, saving time and effort while enhancing workflow efficiency.
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Dropbox Slider Carousel Image

Slider Carousel

Easily engage with your media content using our Slider Carousel feature. Showcase your images and videos in a visually appealing slideshow format, allowing for simple navigation and exploration of your Dropbox media library.
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View your Dropbox content easily with our Gallery view. See images and videos in a grid layout with previews, making it simple to browse and select files, enhancing your content discovery and enjoyment.
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DropBox Embed Documents Image

Embed Documents

Effortlessly incorporate Dropbox documents into your platform using our Embed Documents tool. Enhance collaboration and sharing by giving direct access to important files, making document management easier for everyone involved.
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Dropbox Download Links Image

Download Links

Share Dropbox files effortlessly with our Download Links feature. Generate easily accessible links for downloading files, facilitating smooth file sharing and distribution across platforms.
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View Links

Easily access Dropbox files with our View Links feature. View files directly, no need to download or install anything extra. Enjoy hassle-free access to content for happier users.
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Awesome Integration Features

Discover how our standout features effortlessly enhance your experience of integrating and managing your Dropbox account within WordPress.
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How To use Dropbox

Experience streamlined efficiency by installing the Integrate Dropbox plugin and following our simple step-by-step process below to learn how to use it effectively.

Download & Install

Grab the WordPress plugin from the repository and breeze through the installation via your admin dashboard.

Manage & Browse Files

Explore and handle files using the File Browser feature in the plugin. Copy, edit, rename, and delete files with a click!

Link A Dropbox Account

Activate the plugin and seamlessly connect your Dropbox accounts. Access files stored on Google Drive right from the plugin without any hassle.

Shortcode Builder

Unleash your creativity with the Shortcode Builder! Craft various modules like File browsers, Photo Galleries, and Media players. Customize them to your heart's content and embed them anywhere on your WordPress site using simple shortcodes.

Now Enjoy The Feathers

Now that you've installed the Integrate Dropbox plugin on your WordPress site, enjoy seamless file management. Say goodbye to complex tasks and hello to a smoother workflow.