Duksy Dark Mode Frontend and Dashbooard Settings

General Settings

These settings offer flexibility and customization to improve the user experience based on individual preferences and system settings for the frontend.

  • Enable Frontend Dark Mode:
    • Description: Allows users to manually switch the frontend interface to dark mode.
    • Use Case: A user prefers dark mode while browsing in the evening to reduce eye strain. They can manually enable it.
  • Default Dark Mode:
    • Description: Sets dark mode as the default theme when the application is first accessed.
    • Use Case: An application designed for developers or gamers might set dark mode as the default to align with user preferences.
  • Auto Match OS Theme:
    • Description: Syncs the application’s theme with the operating system’s theme.
    • Use Case: Users who switch their OS theme from light to dark in the evening would appreciate the application automatically matching this change without additional manual adjustments.

Dashboard Settings

Dashboard settings are related to the user dashboard/admin panel dark mode feature. It supports classic and Gutenberg Editors, with user-role-based dark modes available.

Advanced Settings

  • Keyboard Shortcut:
    • Description: Allows users to quickly switch between dark and light modes using a keyboard shortcut.
    • Use Case: A power user can easily toggle dark mode without navigating through menus.
  • Time-Based Dark Mode:
    • Description: Automatically switches the application to dark mode based on the time of day.
    • Use Case: An application can automatically enable dark mode in the evening to reduce eye strain for users working late.
  • Performance Mode:
    • Description: Optimizes the application for better performance when dark mode is enabled.
    • Use Case: Ensures that enabling dark mode does not negatively impact the application’s speed or responsiveness.
  • URL Parameter:
    • Description: Allows users to enable dark mode by adding a specific parameter to the URL.
    • Use Case: Users can directly access the application in dark mode by using a predefined URL, useful for sharing specific states or for automated scripts.