How to Exclude in Dusky Dark Mode Settings

Dusky Dark Mode Settings provides users with the ability to designate certain areas of their website to remain unaffected by dark mode. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining the original appearance of specific sections, such as images, charts, or embedded content, that may not display well in dark mode. By using the Excludes Settings, you can ensure that these selected areas retain their intended design and readability, providing a more tailored and user-friendly experience for visitors.

There are a few Steps:

# Select and copy the Unique class or ID from the frontend using browser developer tools. If you’re using Block Editor, you need to add a custom class from the editor.

Dusky Dark Mode Exclude and add custom class in block editor

Add this class or ID in the exclude fields.

How to Exclude in Dusky Dark Mode Settings


That’s it: Now, this section will be Dusky Dark Mode.