How to Generate shortcode in Integrate Dropbox Plugin

Generate shortcode

Integrate Dropbox has an awesome and user-friendly dashboard to generate shortcodes. This shortcode will be everywhere in the WordPress class Editor, Block Editor, any theme builder. e.g Elementor, Fusion Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, etc.

Step to add the new shortcode:

Integrate Dropbox allows different types of modules, File Browser, Gallery, Embed Documents, View Links, Download Links, Slider, etc.

Go to Integrate Dropbox and add a new shortcode > Select the desired module and the next steps will be followed according to the user selection.

File Browser Shortcode Module in Integrate Dropbox | Generate Shortcode

Select Source Files and Filters

2 options here to select, user can select all files and folders or specific folders/files. Then, users can exclude some types of images like .pdf, .docs, etc.

Customize the Design for the frontend

Admin can customize the design/layout for the front end, width, spacing, gap, etc.

Copy and Paste in the Page editor to display the shortcode result.